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Proudly Wellington based, H2O Contractors offer the compactness of a specialist owner-operated company combined with expertise in a broad range of services. Being equipped with fully mobile plant we can provide nationwide coverage. The company operates three overlapping divisions:

  • Pipeline and drain maintenance/inspection
  • Waterblasting
  • Industrial coatings

We maintain a 24 Hr – 7 Day callout service for local work which  includes:

  • Hydrojet drain cleaning (domestic, municipal and industrial)
  • Root cutting using a range of specialised attachments
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) drain inspection, location and reporting
  • Hot and cold water-blasting
  • Low pressure chemical cleaning
  • High and ultra-high pressure waterblasting from 1470 to 36,000 psi (100 – 2720 bar)

Also by arrangement:

  • Hyperbaric cutting, hydro-demolition and concrete scabbling
  • Industrial coating including air gun, pressure pot, airless spray and even electrostatic options
  • Dry abrasive  and wet slurry blasting with a variety of media

For our private domestic customers, as well as contractors and developers, we help solve problems with:

  • Clearing, cleaning and inspection of drains, pipes and conduits
  • Location and marking out of buried services
  • Removal of cement wash, sand, rocks, fat, paint, rust scale and similar contaminants from pipes
  • Loose paint removal, stabilisation and followup applications for all substrate types
  • Exterior cleaning of houses, buildings and boats including chemical washing
  • Chemical and low pressure waterblast removal of moss, mould and algae
  • Etching and profiling of tiles and concrete surfaces
  • Graffiti removal, overcoating and surface treatments

For our industrial and other commercial customers we offer:

  • Exposing of reinforcing rods in concrete structures
  • Chasing out of sealants and filler compounds in construction joints
  • Unblocking of heat exchangers and boiler tubes
  • Exterior cleaning of buildings, storage vessels, marine structures, industrial machinery and plant including chemical washing, degreasing and hot water blasting/steam cleaning
  • Concrete rehabilitation, hydro-demolition and scabbling
  • Natural stone and brick refurbishment
  • Tile and concrete anti-slip etching and exposing of aggregate for effect
  • Removal of oil, carbon, moss, mould and other contaminants

Our experienced Coatings Division can assist with:

  • Correct preparation of domestic, industrial, municipal and marine structures of all compositions
  • Cleaning, rehabilitation and preservation of historic landmark structures.
  • Application of a wide range of common and specialised coatings to the strictest international standards
  • Development and documentation of customised coating systems
  • Expertise in applying the latest acrylic, epoxy, zinc and urethane paint developments including pool linings
  • Ongoing and cost-effective maintenance protocols

Absolutely, positively, proudly associated with restoration and maintenance of local landmarks such as:

  • Parliament Buildings and The General Assembly Library
  • Mt. Victoria, Seatoun, Terrace and Karori Road Tunnels
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Wellington Railway Station
  • The Cenotaph and The Carillion
  • The Opera House
  • The Embassy Theatre
  • WCC assets old and new including sculptures, statues and other artworks

Our cleaning and coatings work is also evident at the following selection of sites:

  • Titahi Bay radio masts
  • Haywards Substation
  • Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil and Chevron storage and loading facilities
  • CentrePort container cranes
  • Motorway overbridges for Fulton Hogan

Other Services:

H2O Contractors Ltd. are pleased to offer obligation free quotes and/or professional advice in practically every area of water jetting, underground inspection, water blasting, surface preparation and protective coatings.

Environmental Protection:

  •  H2OContractors maintain highest levels of environmental safety and strive to protect our personnel, the Public and the surrounds from the effects of noise, particulate matter, liquid waste and chemical toxicity.
  • Our in-house environmental consultancy assesses each project as a stand alone risk so appropriate measures are applied to minimise, and remove wherever possible any likely environmental effects.
  • In most cases our protective measures exceed all applicable national and international standards and legislative requirements

Health and Safety:

  • H2O Contractors Ltd. operate within a comprehensive company Health & Safety Plan which more than fulfills the requirements of governing bodies and those of our clients.
  • Staff are trained, monitored and regularly upskilled in all aspects of our operations.
  • Certification and induction into client safety regimes and standards is ongoing