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House Cleaning

Even with Wellington’s high average wind speed houses are affected by deposits of soot, grime, moss & mould which combine to attack exterior protective coatings and even the building substrate itself. Add in factors such as UV light attack and fouling by birds and insects and the resulting combination can contribute to the eventual discolouration and chemical attack of a buildings exterior cladding, plaster renders, sealants and coatings.


Such changes are incremental but visible over several years. Here at H2O we have decades of experience in cleaning dirty buildings and rehabilitating some of Wellington more notable historic features.

If your home needs a spruce up for sale, to maintain it’s appearance or to protect it’s coatings we can help. Also, we can help you with any of your paths, steps and decks if they become a slip hazard.

We use a number of methods which include:

  • Low pressure exterior cleaning
  • High pressure waterblasting
  • Chemical cleaning, oil & stain removal and sanitizing
  • Moss, mould, lichen and algae removal and long-term treatment
  • Hot water and steam cleaning
  • Specialist coating application (eg spray on moisture sealants for concrete and brick)
  • Slurry and high pressure blasting to remove graffiti and provide anti-slip profiles on tiles etc…


Local conditions and the shadow effect of the terrain often results in moss and mould proliferation on one or more sides of a house and most commonly paths and steps. Wooden decks can become especially treacherous over time. Moss & mould can eat into coatings and the structure of buildings.  H2O uses biodegradable chemicals to treat surfaces for moss, mould and lichen and remove them with water blasters set to the correct pressure. We can also carry out “soft” cleaning of paintwork to spruce up a house or a full prepainting preparation waterblast which removes unstable paint.

If required we can help source scaffolding for properties or for difficult access the hire of knuckle booms and similar access equipment. For any roof work current OSH rules mean special fixing eyes may need to be installed to attach a safety harness.

Screening of gardens, neighbouring properties and other areas can also be provided. Staff are experienced in handling chemicals, high pressure water, access machinery and other considerations such as lead-based paint.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your solution options