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Septic Tanks

H2O can help

  • Clear blocked septic tank pipes.
  • CCTV pipe inspect septic tank pipes.
  • Clear sludge filled outlet pipes.
  • Clean septic tank sludge.

H2O can help with septic tank and connected sewerage issues.Modern septic tanks can be quite sophisticated. They may incorporate multiple chambers, pumps and extensive field drains.   All tanks will need sucking out and cleaning at some point in the future. Maintenance may involve flushing of the inlet pipes to remove sediment and fat/soap deposits and a flush of the outlet field drainage system.

A septic tank is a living entity full of bacteria, yeasts and fungi happily digesting whatever is delivered to them. To reduce annual costs and ensure proper function the following tips should be followed:

  • Avoid discharging caustic and antibacterial products into the system as these kill the organisms there to help you.
  • Caustics, paint,oil  and other liquids should preferably be disposed of at a proper waste station. .
  • A little bakers yeast, hydrogenated lime or fertilizer into the system now and then boosts performance
  • Never flush sanitary products into the system

H2O Contractors can help. Using a combination of suction truck , flushing and CCTV inspection we can find and assess most drainage systems and offer advise on solving any problems.

Water storage Tank

To clean a tank properly it needs to be drained . The bulk of the sediment and other contamination is removed then the walls are waterblasted and soft broom cleaned. The last of the removed material is pumped out and the tank sealed ready for filling.

Please contact H2O if you have any queries regarding cleaning of your water storage tank(s).