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Abrasive Blasting

H2O Contractors can help with!

  • Rusty steel refurbishment.
  • Restoration of brick and stone.
  • Etching of concrete.
  • Profile slippery tiles & surfaces.
  • Leaky building steel refurbishment.
  • Removal of old coatings and steel preperation before paint application.
  • Application of specialist industrial paint.

Special Features

  • Wet abrasive blast.
  • Dry abrasive blast.
  • Fully portable equipment.
  • Fully automatic.

H20 Contractors Ltd We can provide a wealth of expertise along with modern fully automatic plant.

Dry Abrasive blasting – large tanks & steel structures are our speciality followed by application of paint.

We can also provide small scale abrasive blasting equipment and use a range of abrasives. Slurry blasting (wet Abrasive) is an ideal preparation for many stone, conglomerate and decorative building materials. It permits almost total dust prevention and collection of contaminants such as paint, scale and metal.  The operation produces much lower levels of noise than dry blasting. Our slurry units have been employed in graffiti removal and extensive restoration projects throughout the region.