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Graffiti Removal

Call H20 for graffiti removal in Wellington using:

  • Chemical strippers
  • Graffiti removal solvents
  • Water Blasting
  • Abrasive blasting

Protect surfaces with Graffiti resistant coating.

We at H20 Contractors have many years experience in combating graffiti crimes.  We begin by analysing the substances applied so we can employ the appropriate specialist chemicals,  While in most cases graffiti can be successfully removed chemically, the overall result depends on many factors including applicator experience. Certain paints are extremely resistant to chemical attack while others etch into existing coatings. In addition particular surfaces, especially bare cement block and porous brick, retain graffiti within their pores thus resisting complete removal. Abrasive blasting methods may need to be used to remove all traces.

Significant H20 Contractor Ltd achievements in graffiti removal include the restoration of defaced granite slab walls at Parliament Buildings and The Beehive.  condition. Examples of our work include: St Paul’s Cathedral, Wellington Carillion, The General Assembly Library, The Cenotaph, The High Court, Wellington Railway Station and Wellington War Memorial.

Before or after Graffiti removal we offer a range of surface treatments that assist in mitigating the effects of vandals ranging from soak in anti moisture chemical treatments to full impervious clear coats.