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Cleaning of Stone

Today’s airborne emissions from car exhausts and other industrial sources coupled with natural environmental attack of rain, sun and wind all can have a detrimental effect on stone.

H2O Contractors can help !

We have a number of processes that may reverse these problems:

  • Low pressure exterior cleaning
  • High pressure waterblasting
  • Chemical cleaning and sanitizing
  • Exterior stain removal (including moss, mould & oil)
  • Degreasing
  • Hot water cleaning
  • Specialist coating application
  • Slurry Blasting
  • Bicarbonate blasting

H2O Contractors Ltd. have been involved in refurbishment and maintenance of Parliament Buildings, The General Assembly Library, St Paul’s Cathederal, the Cenotaph, Stout St Departmental Buildings, the old High Court, Wellington Railway Station, etc.

These few examples of buildings we have worked on have a variety of stone types. These include soft sandstone, polished marble, plaster renders and brickwork. Old brick walls pose extra problems where the mortar has begun to break down is is very soft compared to the bricks it bonds to. This where the experience and range of equipment that H2O offer comes to the fore.

The methods available to restore sometimes poorly maintained structures such as monuments and statues  are many and varied. Some structures require long periods of gentle irrigation to leach contamination from pores in the substrate. Other items, and some graffiti tags, may require chemical poltices to be applied.

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