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Event Cleaning



Call H2O for event cleaning in Wellington

  • Sewage and vomit on outdoor public areas
  • Spilled food & drink outdoor areas.
  • Slippery surfaces requiring water cleaning.

H2O have the equipment

  • Water blasting trucks
  • Tanker supplied water blasting trucks.
  • Specialist cleaning attachemnts.
  • Wet vacuum cleaners.
  • Puddle suckers

H2O have the equipment and swift response capabilities to reinstate public areas, parks and building spaces after major events. Examples of events that have left their mark on public facilities include paintball exhibitions, motor races and ralleys, film sets, painting workshops, music concerts and summer events.

In addition sometimes event organisers are unlucky and spills occur. Swift action is always the key to success especially with Fats, oils and paints.

Call H2O first!