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Exterior Cleaning of Buildings


Commercial Properties

Is your building:

  • High visibility ?
  • Starting to look a little shabby ?
  • Are there discoloured walls ?
  • Are any of your paths, roof plazas and decks a slip hazard ?
  • Are you a target for graffiti crimes ?

H2O Contractors can Help !

We have a number of processes that may reverse or at least stabilise such issues which include:

  • Low pressure exterior cleaning
  • High pressure waterblasting
  • Chemical cleaning, oil & stain removal and sanitizing
  • Moss, mould, lichen and algae removal and long-term treatment
  • Degreasing (especially around grease traps and drains)
  • Hot water and steam cleaning
  • Specialist coating application (eg spray on moisture sealants for concrete and brick)
  • Dry and wet abrasive blasting

H2O  have decades of experience in cleaning dirty buildings and rehabilitating some of Wellington more notable historic features. In jobs ranging from the removal of cement wash spills on a new tower block or reversing the ravages of time on our earliest monuments we can offer a solution.

Houses & buildings

Exterior-Cleaning-of-BuildingsMoss and mould often grows on one or more sides of a house and most commonly paths and steps. Wooden decks can become especially treacherous over time.

Moss & mould can eat into coatings and the structure of buildings.

H2O can treat surfaces for moss, mould and lichen and remove them with water blasters . Extension lances mean we can do many jobs from the ground.

We can also carry out “soft” cleaning of paintwork to spruce up a house or a full prepainting preparation waterblast which removes unstable paint.

If required we can organise scaffolding for properties or for difficult access knuckle booms and scissor lift equipment.

Our chemical treatments are biodegradable.  Staff are experienced in handling chemicals, high pressure water, access machinery .

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your solution options.